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Meet Me at World's End

Business tycoon Liam West never wanted for anything in his life, but when he laid eyes on Sienna Carmichael, he found one simple wish--to take her home and make her his wife. Fate granted him his wish and joined them in matrimony. Four years later, his once-happy home lies in shambles after murder strikes his family, robbing him of his wife and their unborn child. 
Sienna "Angel" Carmichael wakes up from an accident that stripped her of her memories and finds herself living inside an elaborate lie. A man named Declan Howell claims to be her husband and the father of her unborn baby, but she can tell he secretly despises the baby she's carrying. But that isn't the worst of her troubles. 
Like many people across the planet since the rain turned crimson, Sienna developed a special ability. She can see auras around every living thing, leaking information about the world around her. She soon senses an impending calamity of catastrophic proportions and doesn't want to face it unprepared. With nothing but her instincts guiding her, Sienna begins to stock up on supplies, but nothing prepares her for what's to come.
When the crimson rain returns and the undead roam the streets, Sienna crosses paths with an extraordinary man who might be the key to her past...and the ticket to her future. 

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My Two Generals at World's End

After securing a safe place for apocalypse survivors, billionaire-turned-General Liam West and wife Sienna "Angel" Carmichael welcome their son into the world. It's a dangerous place for a newborn, but between Liam's ability to manipulate space and Sienna's power to see what others can't, they forge ahead to create an unparalleled sanctuary. 

While their home takes in more people and salvaging grows perilous, Sienna's dreams take her to a strange new place where she meets an unfamiliar, distant Liam. The dream quickly fades but leaves her with a warning: She must learn to control her ability, or it will become the very thing that dooms her.

Our Vows at World's End

The world has been bathed in crimson rain, the masses have turned into the undead, many survivors have developed superpowers and—caught in the swirling chaos of the new world—General Liam West and his wife Sienna “Angel” Carmichael try to raise a family… and a community. It’s not easy being responsible for the growing population of the settlement, but with Liam’s alternate self on their side, they have a fighting chance.


As more survivors flock to the sanctuary Liam and

Sienna have built, tensions rise, but they haven’t anticipated the Clarkes showing up at their doorstep with a sinister plan to separate them. The situation escalates when Declan Howell returns for Sienna and consequently thrusts her into new and dangerous territory. Will she be able to stand on her two feet and survive all on her own?



I'm an artist and full-time bookworm, a role made possible by my supportive husband. I love to read and paint. When inspiration hits, I always write to my heart's content. I write for the love of embarking on adventures, and that's what makes writing just as addicting as reading for me. Join me on these adventures and, hopefully, they will be just as fun for you to read as they are for me to write!

Character Quotes

Angel, you have no idea how much I love you. I love our son because you’re his mother. Everything is because of you. I will fight this war, I will squeeze blood from stone, I will mold and shape this world into whatever you want it to be. I don’t care how hard the battle or how long the journey, I just need you to be the home I can return to. I need a landing place when I grow weary from long flights. Angel, can you be the home I can return to?"

-William West, My Two Generals at World's End

Angel, in the future, there will be things I feel like I must do as a man, as a husband, as a father, and you will not always find them agreeable. I can only promise you that I will use my best judgment, my utmost caution, so that I won’t leave behind a widow and an orphan.”

-Liam West, Meet Me at World's End

I knew the logical thing to do. I should tell him to get out and just leave me in here or tell him to just put a gun to my head, but I could do neither. I was afraid, and there was comfort in being held in his arms, to feel his warmth. Just a little bit longer, I said to myself. Just a little longer and then I promise I’ll let him go."

-Sienna "Angel" Carmichael, Meet Me at World's End

I do love you, Sienna, but to me, you’re more than just the woman I love: You’re the dream that I’ve been chasing, the dream I’ve been fighting my whole life for, and if you’re going to turn into a nightmare, then I will end you.”

-Declan Howell, Our Vows at World's End


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